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About us.....

Hello, we are Morgan & Brechtje,

And we live in the Netherlands, Europe.

Our passion of the Alaskan Malamute starts when we got our first malamute Layka, in 1995.

She died in the summer of 2000, due her illness. She had a tumour in her intestine.

This was really a big loss in our life. She was a wonderful dog with a very sweet character. She had give us so much joy and love in our life.

We will always keep her in our heart and we’ll never forget her !


But, thanks to this special girl, our love of the malamute was that great, that we in

September 2000 became our second malamute, Chamook.

We have travelled lots of time to Belgium, to see our malamute grow.

Chamook came from the Akela’s Song Kennel in Belgium.

Chamook was a lovely pup, and she was and still is very curious.

She is a very brave dog and has a big heart, she really is a lust in our life !


In March 2002 came our third malamute, Kiani.

Kiani came from the Alyeshka Anoké Kennel in Someren, the Netherlands.

Kiani was an adorable pup and she has a very lovely character.

She is a real clown and she has stolen many hearts of the people who met her.

Kiani is for us also a very special girl !